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Professional Supplier of Cooling Solutions
Professional Supplier of Cooling Solutions
We provide you with the most professional cooling system solutions
One-stop shopping (YYC Motor Limited Provide perfect one-stop shopping, which includes full sizes ac axial fans and fan accessories.)
Factory direct (YYC Motor Limited provide good quality product with competitive price to all customers.)
Technology Support (YYC Motor Limited provide full range of technical support to help all customers solve cooling problem.)
Customized Service
Perfect before and after sales service (YYC Motor Limited reply fast to every customer's request. Fast delivery can be assured.)
Professional makes Perfect
Professional makes Perfect
With 17 years' experience in developing, manufacturing and selling AC AXIAL FANS.
Established in 2001, with total production area about 5000 square meters,  YYC Motor Limited is full of experience in developing and manufacturing ac axial fans.
Well equipped, strong R & D capability
YYC Motor Limited has  wind tunnel,  EDM machine,  Milling machine,  Grinding machine,  CNC machine, Injection machines, CNC machines and Drilling and Tapping machines to make sure the efficiency requirement of customized products.
Stable quality, high performance,worthy of trust
YYC Motor Limited emphasize on “technology and quality".All our ac fans are undergoing many strict testing, to make sure the stable quality of our ac axial fans.
Full sizes, on time delivery
YYC Motor Limited manufacture full specifications ac axial fans from 80mm to 220mm, we have enough raw material in stock, so as to make sure timely delivery.
With UL/CUL/TUV/CE/CCC certificates
With UL/CUL/TUV/CE/CCC certificates, YYC Motor Limited's ac axial fans are well sold both in domestic and international market.
Well - known business partners
Thanks to the customer's choice, this is the biggest recognition for us.
  • LED Application

    LED heat is very important, LED light or its life is directly related to its junction temperature, the heat is not good as high temperature, short life.

  • Industrial Automation Industry

    Industrial automation refers to the various parameters in industrial production for the purpose of control, so that the industry can automate the production process, known as industrial automation.

  • New Energy Industry

    New energy refers to various forms of energy other than traditional energy sources, which means energy that has just been developed, used, or is being actively studied and yet to be promoted.

  • Telecommunication

    The electronic components in the communication room produce a lot of heat when working, if not solved the heat in time, it will affect the use of electronic components.

  • Medical Equipment

    Medical devices such as high-frequency electric knife, biochemical equipment and blood analysis equipment, etc. uses ac axial fan.

  • Home Appliance Industry

    Household appliances such as various electrical and electronic appliances, which known as civil electrical appliances, household appliances also needs ac axial fan.

  • Electric Industry

    Electric vehicle refers to vehicles which use car power as power, with motor-driven wheels, comply with the requirements of road traffic and safety regulations.

  • Power Industry

    Power is a device that converts other forms of energy into electricity.For example, generators can convert mechanical energy into electricity.

  • Inverter Industry

    Frequency converter uses frequency conversion technology and microelectronics technology, to control the equipment of AC motor by changing the frequency of power supply.

YYC Motor Limited is committed to providing Good and Stable quality products to all the customers.

YYC Motor Limited YYC Motor Limited

YYC Motor Limited has become China's leading manufacture of high quality AC AXIAL FANS. Owning brand “Maxair” and “Ya-cool”, YYC fans have being widely used in ventilation and heat dissipation areas, such as IT areas, sports equipment, ventilation systems, welding machines, power supplies......
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